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ING UK Real Estate Income Trust Ltd
12 September 2007

            ING UK REAL ESTATE INCOME TRUST (The "Company"/ "Group")

The ING UK Real Estate Income Trust Limited has today announced interim results
for the six months to 30 June 2007.


>  Consolidated profit before tax for the six months ended
   30 June 2007 ("the period") was ?34.4 million, including unrealised gains of
   ?25.9 million.

>  ?9.7 million of this unrealised gain arises from the fixing of interest 
   on borrowings.

>  Total net asset value per share of 133 pence compared
   to 126 pence at 31 December 2006, reflecting a 5.74% gain during the period.

>  Retained profit including property revaluations was
   ?24.0 million for the period.

>  Shareholders' Funds rose from ?418.3 million to ?442.3 million for 
   the period.

>  Two dividends totalling 3.125 pence per share were paid in February and 
   May 2007.

>  Total expense ratio of 0.96% (calculated as the total annualised expenses as 
   a proportion of total assets less current liabilities).


>  Gross property assets increased from ?702.2 million to ?715.5 million, 
   delivering an ungeared total return of 5.1% over the period,
   ahead of the IPD Quarterly Index.

>  Performance principally driven through exposure to office market and active 
   asset management initiatives.

>  One acquisition, of an asset adjacent to an existing holding, was made in the 
   period. Rental terms have already been agreed ahead of expectations.

>  In line with strategy, two smaller assets were sold during the period, both 
   realising profit ahead of valuation.

                                                    30 June 2007   30 June 2006
Net asset value                                   ?442.3 million ?358.0 million
Net asset value per share                              133 pence      117 pence
Pre-tax profit for the period (inc unrealised      ?34.4 million  ?45.3 million
Net income for the period                           ?8.3 million   ?7.3 million
Earnings per share                                    10.4 pence     14.9 pence

For further information:

The Company Secretary

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Tel: 01481 745439
Fax: 01481 745085

ING Real Estate Investment Management (UK) Limited
Selina Sasse, 020 7767 5756, selina.sasse@ingrealestate.co.uk
Helen Stott, 020 7767 5648 helen.stott@ingrealestate.co.uk

Financial Dynamics
Dido Laurimore/Stephanie Highett, 020 7831 3113


ING UK Real Estate Income Trust Limited is a closed-ended, Guernsey registered
investment company, launched on the London and Channel Islands' Stock Exchanges
on the 25 October 2005. With approximately 800 investors, the Company, together
with several subsidiaries including a Guernsey unit trust and four Jersey unit
trusts which beneficially hold title to the properties, comprise "the Group".


The Group aims to provide shareholders with an attractive level of income
together with the potential for capital growth. It can invest both directly and
indirectly in an investment portfolio comprising UK, Isle of Man and Channel
Islands properties. The Group's focus is on five principal commercial property
sectors: office, retail, retail warehouse, industrial and leisure. It is the
current intention of the Group to limit borrowings to a maximum of 50% of gross

The investment portfolio is managed by ING Real Estate Investment Management
(UK) Limited.

Chairman's Statement

This Interim Report and Accounts covers the six months from 1 January 2007 to 30
June 2007. I am pleased to advise that the Group has continued to make further
progress, delivering a pre-tax profit for the period of ?34.4 million.

The net asset value of the Group has increased from ?418.3 million to ?442.3
million, or 133 pence per share from 126 pence per share, which represents an
increase of 5.74% over the period. In addition, dividends of ?10.4 million have
been paid, reflecting 3.125 pence per share for the reporting period.

The property portfolio has delivered a total return of 5.1% in the six months
under review, out-performing the IPD Quarterly Benchmark which returned 4.9%
over the same period. The assets continue to deliver an income return
significantly ahead of the IPD Benchmark.

The Group has benefited from fixing the interest payable on its borrowings
which, in current market conditions, has continued to have a positive impact on
the net asset value.

While the Group's portfolio has out-performed industry benchmarks and delivered
net asset value growth, the Board is acutely aware that, like many other
companies within the peer group, its shares are currently trading at a discount
to their underlying net asset value. Whilst the discounts on Guernsey Investment
Companies are less than many of the newly formed UK Real Estate Investments
Trusts, the Board is closely monitoring the level of such discount.

Although it has not yet done so, the Board has in place a strategy for the
repurchase of shares when it is able. However, with the portfolio being valued
quarterly there are only limited trading windows in which it can operate a
repurchase programme. Combined with a tight capital structure, and the relative
illiquidity of the underlying real estate, the Group has, to date, chosen to use
sale proceeds to reduce borrowings.

The turbulence in the financial markets over the summer months has affected bond
and equity pricing and the property market is starting to see signs of outward
yield movement as a result of this structural re-pricing of risk. Nevertheless,
the occupational real estate market remains sound and still offers positive
rental value growth.

The Group's primary focus remains on growing the underlying income. This will be
achieved through a reduction of debt costs, realisation of asset management
initiatives and the sale of assets with lower income and weaker total return

The Board was delighted that Tjeerd Borstlap's appointment to the Board was
confirmed at the recent Annual General Meeting. Whilst the governance issues
around his appointment are fully recognised, given his role as Chief Financial
Officer of ING Real Estate Investment Management, we welcome the contribution he
is making to our affairs, both through his experience and professionalism. He is
also able to provide a helpful focus for the Board on our issues. Together we
police the governance issues robustly and consequently Tjeerd does not sit on
the Audit or Management Engagement committees.

The portfolio remains well balanced and benefits from a secure income stream
with an average lease length in excess of eight years. We expect the Investment
Manager to continue to deliver performance in this more challenging environment
and, as a Board, remain fully cognisant of the spectrum of opportunities
available to deliver shareholder value.

Nicholas Thompson
Chairman of the Board
11 September 2007

Investment Manager's Review


GDP growth over the year to June 2007 was robust at 3% per annum and slightly
above the 2.8% per annum recorded for the calendar year 2006. Financial and
business services (FBS) growth continues to be a major driver, expanding at
almost double the pace of the rest of the UK economy. This has positive
implications for property rental growth, particularly in the office sector. On
the consumer side, signals remain mixed with the full effects of previous
interest rate increases yet to fully materialise. While surveys suggest consumer
confidence may be declining, mortgage approvals and retail sales held firm over
the three months to June.

The annual CPI inflation rate stood at 1.9% per annum in July, a reduction from
2.4% per annum the previous month. Current inflationary concerns are partly
global in nature focused on energy and food price increases. However, to date we
have been largely insulated from the full effects of dollar denominated
commodity price increases by the strength of Sterling. While inflation still
looks set to ease during the remainder of 2007, CPI is not expected to be
consistently below 2% until the second quarter of 2008. The RPI inflation at
July was 3.8%.

The Bank of England raised the base rate by a further 25 basis points to 5.75%
in July. The outlook for interest rates has become less clear in recent weeks,
due to the turmoil in the financial markets following the US sub-prime mortgage
crisis. ING Financial Markets' view is that one more rate rise, to a peak of 6%,
is likely this year. However, the recent market volatility indicates a pause
until the final quarter of 2007 and a number of market commentators now believe
that rates will peak at 5.75%. The current monetary tightening cycle depends
upon higher borrowing costs dragging GDP growth back towards trend level.
Furthermore, given commodity price increases, it will be important that our
currency maintains a degree of parity against the US Dollar. It is also worth
noting that investor concerns relating to UK interest rates during July may be
beginning to moderate with Sterling swap rates starting to ease downwards in


The IPD Quarterly Index registered a total return of 12.7% for the 12 months to
June 2007, compared to a figure of 18% per annum at the beginning of the year.
Performance is strongest in the office sector at 18.3% per annum followed by
industrial and retail at 12.4% and 9.4% respectively.

This compares with 18.4% per annum from the FT All Share and -1.0% from 5 to 15
year Gilts over the same period.

June 2007 Total Returns - Property, Equities and Gilts

|                  |   IPD Monthly|    Equities - All Share|Gilts - 5 to 15 yrs|
|1 month           |          0.7%|                   -0.8%|              -1.2%|
|3 months          |          2.1%|                    4.5%|              -2.4%|
|6 months          |          4.4%|                    7.6%|              -2.9%|
|12 months         |         12.4%|                   18.4%|              -1.0%|
|Per annum         |              |                        |                   |
|3 years           |         17.1%|                   18.9%|               3.5%|
|5 years           |         15.3%|                   12.2%|               3.9%|
|10 years          |         13.4%|                    7.6%|               6.0%|
|20 years          |         11.6%|                    9.5%|               8.5%|

Source: IPD, June 2007.


Property yield-driven capital appreciation is beginning to reverse with the
recent financial markets turbulence. A year ago falling property yields alone
added over 13% per annum to capital values during the preceding 12 months. This
year yield movements have added approximately 4% to the value of the average UK
property portfolio (IPD Monthly), which is a more conservative increase. This
deceleration in yield reduction explains why capital growth, and therefore total
returns, is now moderating from an unsustainable 18 to 19% over the last three

In our view, the financial turmoil in the credit and equity markets has
increased the risk free rate, making investors more risk averse. This is
affecting all asset classes, not just property. As a consequence we are already
seeing some small increases in property valuation yields and expect these to
continue through to 2008. Market activity has been slow during the summer period
and there have been a very limited number of transactions to provide hard
evidence of this shift in sentiment. September and October are expected to
provide a clearer picture of the market.

Nevertheless, robust economic growth remains a positive indicator for the
occupational element of the UK commercial property market because GDP growth
(currently a very healthy 3% per annum to June 2007) is a major driver of rental
uplifts. These rental increases will offset some of the impact from the rise in
yields and, in addition, property performance can be enhanced through active
management initiatives such as refurbishment, change of use and tenant

An often overlooked benefit to UK property is the stabilising effect that upward
only rent review clauses have on income security. This practice insulates the
income stream from most of the underlying volatility in the rental market. As a
result, a continuously growing income stream is a long run benefit few outside
the UK property market fully appreciate.


For the period ending 30 June 2007, the underlying Net Asset Value of the Group
grew from ?418.3 million to ?442.3 million, reflecting an increase of 5.74%.
Other than its cash holdings, the Group invests solely in direct real estate and
has no indirect property investments. This property portfolio delivered an
ungeared total return of 5.1%, compared to the IPD Benchmark return of 4.9% over
the period.

Relative to IPD, the property portfolio remains biased towards the office
sector, with a lower retail weighting. This has had a positive effect on
performance which has been principally driven through the office sector and the
implementation of active management initiatives. The portfolio is structured so
that the retail element has direct exposure to the supermarket sub-sector which
has also performed well over the period.

At 30 June 2007, the value of the Group's portfolio was ?715.5 million with an
annual net income of ?39.8 million, which reflects a running yield at property
level of 5.6%. The portfolio comprises 61 properties with an average unexpired
lease term of 8.66 years. The void level at 30 June 2007 represented 3.6% of
total income.


During the period, the Group completed one acquisition of a single vacant
industrial unit in Harlow. The unit measured 2,152 sq.m. (23,168 sq.ft.) and the
purchase price was ?2.6 million. The property is adjacent to the recently
acquired Riverway Industrial Estate and is currently being refurbished. Letting
terms have already been agreed ahead of those envisaged at purchase, which will
have a positive effect on the previously acquired adjacent estate.

The Group has disposed of two properties including the smallest asset in the
portfolio, Oakwell Park Trading Estate, Birstall, which was sold for ?1.21
million in January. Two detached warehouse units at Trafford Park in Manchester
were sold for ?5.76 million in April. Both sales were in line with the existing
strategy, to reduce the number of smaller assets in the portfolio which have
little or no active management potential or where asset management initiatives
had been exhausted. The sales realised a profit 4.1% ahead of their preceding
valuation and 16% above valuation at launch.


The Group's borrowings are fixed, and consequently, have not been directly
affected by the recent rises in the cost of debt. The debt is held in two
separate tranches, the majority of which is securitised. Proceeds from sales
have been used to reduce gearing in the more expensive tranche. The weighted
average cost of debt is 5.37% including the relevant amortised set up costs.

The Group issued a total of ?225 million of AAA rated loan notes on the debt
market, with interest payable on the initial ?200 million at 4.795% and further
?25 million at 5.3804%, both fixed by way of an interest rate swap. These loan
notes are repayable on 31 January 2013.

The Group also has a loan with JP Morgan with a balance of ?87.3 million at 30
June 2007. Interest is payable on this loan at 6.0%, also fixed by way of a
swap. This loan is repayable on 4 December 2009. A further loan repayment of
?5.3 million was made on 31 July 2007.


Asset management remains vital to delivering performance across the portfolio
and a number of initiatives are being considered throughout the majority of
properties. Achievements over the period include:

Longcross Court, Cardiff

Through the engineering of a number of lease surrenders, the Group facilitated
the re-letting of the third and fourth floors. The letting will complete towards
the end of 2007, when the building will have been refurbished.

City Link House, Croydon

The Group re-geared a lease to the Royal Bank of Scotland, one of the principal
tenants, for a new term of 15 years and at an enhanced rental level.

Angel Gate, London

Following a successful letting campaign, the void rate on the multi let office
space has reduced from 40% on acquisition to a position where all available
space is now let.

593-599 Fulham Road, London

Two of the office floors have now been let following surrender, refurbishment
and a letting campaign. In addition an assignment of the retail lease (ground
floor and basement) has been facilitated to HSBC.

As a result of these initiatives, the underlying valuation of these assets
increased by 18% over the period.


The key aim is to continue the strong active management of the portfolio,
increasing income and facilitating capital growth, by means of lease
restructuring and identifying opportunities through close tenant liaison. The
portfolio has a number of lease expiries over the short- to medium-term and work
to renew and re-gear leases continues where possible.

It is intended that a number of selective disposals will be made during the
second half of the year in order to further reduce gearing and enhance the
relative income position by reducing the higher debt costs within the portfolio.


Economic fundamentals remain supportive of rental value growth, which is
currently running at 3.8% per annum at 31 July 2007 (IPD Monthly). Set against
this we are expecting some outward yield movement in the short term, reflecting
investors' attitude to risk, which will reduce the current negative yield gap
between the IPD Initial Yield of 4.6%, at 31 July 2007, and 10 year government
Gilts currently yielding circa 5%.

UK real estate still offers a secure and stable income stream, diversification
benefits, a strong residual value and relatively low volatility compared to
other asset classes.

The portfolio remains well diversified in terms of the number of assets,
tenants, regions and sectors; it is also biased towards the office sector which
we expect to be the best performing sector. Across the portfolio we are seeing
positive results on many lettings, rent reviews and lease renewals. It continues
to offer an attractive income return, ahead of the IPD Index, and active
management will continue to deliver enhanced returns looking forward.

ING Real Estate Investment Management (UK) Limited

11 September 2007

Financial Statements


                                                      1 Jan to   1 Jan to    15 Sept
                                                       30 June    30 June 2005 to 31
                                                          2007       2006   Dec 2006
                                                     Unaudited  Unaudited    Audited
                                    Income  Capital      Total      Total      Total
                                      ?000     ?000       ?000       ?000       ?000

Rental income                       19,862        -     19,862     14,044     39,329
Service charges recharged to         1,729        -      1,729        872      6,074
Other operating income               1,128        -      1,128      1,750      4,661
Total operating income              22,719        -     22,719     16,666     50,064

Gains and losses on investments
Realised gains arising on                -      179        179          -      4,572
disposal of investment
Unrealised gains arising on              -   16,202     16,202     32,092     70,421
disposal of investment
Unrealised gains on interest             -    9,653      9,653      6,230      8,727
rate swaps
Total gains on investments               -   26,034     26,034     38,322     83,720

Property operating expenses        (1,545)        -    (1,545)    (1,508)    (2,572)
Service charge costs               (1,729)        -    (1,729)      (872)    (6,074)
Management expenses                (3,259)        -    (3,259)    (2,443)    (5,977)
Other operating expenses           (1,011)        -    (1,011)      (796)    (1,607)
Total operating expenses           (7,544)        -    (7,544)    (5,619)   (16,230)

Profit before finance costs and     15,175   26,034     41,209     49,369    117,554

Finance costs
Interest receivable                    862        -        862        643      1,617
Interest payable                   (7,702)        -    (7,702)    (4,739)   (12,549)
Total finance costs                (6,840)        -    (6,840)    (4,096)   (10,932)

Profit before tax                    8,335   26,034     34,369     45,273    106,622
Tax                                      -        -          -        300      (460)

Profit for the period                8,335   26,034     34,369     45,573    106,162
Dividends                         (10,360)        -   (10,360)    (8,304)   (17,835)
Retained earnings                  (2,025)   26,034     24,009     37,269     88,327

Earnings per share
Basic                                                    10.4p      14.9p      34.4p
Diluted                                                  10.4p      14.9p      34.4p

The total column of this statement represents the Group's Income Statement,
prepared in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards. The
supplementary income return and capital return columns are both prepared under
guidance published by the Association of Investment Companies. All items in the
above statement derive from continuing operations.

All income is attributable to the equity holders of the parent company. There
are no minority interests.


                                  Share     Share Distributable   Retained      Total
                                Capital   Premium       Reserve   Earnings
                                   ?000      ?000          ?000       ?000       ?000

Balance as at 15 September            -         -             -          -          -
Net profit for the period             -         -             -    106,162    106,162
Dividends paid                        -         -             -   (17,835)   (17,835)
Issue of ordinary shares              -   337,198             -          -    337,198
Issue costs                           -   (7,199)             -          -    (7,199)
Transfer to distributable             - (298,610)       298,610          -          -
Balance as at 31 December 2006        -    31,389       298,610     88,327    418,326

Net profit for the period             -         -             -     34,369     34,369
Dividends paid                        -         -             -   (10,360)   (10,360)
Balance as at 30 June 2007            -    31,389       298,610    112,336    442,335

AS AT 30 JUNE 2007

                                  30 June 2007   30 June 2006    31 Dec 2006
                                     Unaudited      Unaudited        Audited
                                          ?000           ?000           ?000

Non-current assets
Investment properties                  715,531        553,746        702,167
Total non-current assets               715,531        553,746        702,167

Current assets
Accounts receivable                      5,175          4,809          7,437
Cash and cash equivalents               33,929         12,999         37,873
Total current assets                    39,104         17,808         45,310

Total assets                           754,635        571,554        747,477

Current liabilities
Accounts payable and accruals         (18,426)       (19,714)       (24,428)
Total current liabilities             (18,426)       (19,714)       (24,428)

Non-current liabilities
Loans and borrowings                 (293,874)      (193,770)      (304,723)
Total non-current liabilities        (293,874)      (193,770)      (304,723)

Total liabilities                    (312,300)      (213,484)      (329,151)

Net assets                             442,335        358,070        418,326

Ordinary share capital                       -              -              -
Share premium account                   31,389              -         31,389
Distributable reserve                  298,610        298,544        298,610
Retained earnings                      112,336         59,526         88,327

Total equity                           442,335        358,070        418,326

Net asset value per share                 1.33           1.17           1.26


                                          1 Jan to 30 1 Jan to 30     15 Sept
                                            June 2007   June 2006  2005 to 31
                                            Unaudited   Unaudited    Dec 2006
                                                 ?000        ?000        ?000

Profit before tax                              34,369      45,273     106,622

Adjusted for:
Interest received                               (862)       (643)     (1,617)
Interest paid                                   7,702       4,739      12,549
Realised and unrealised gains on             (26,034)    (38,322)    (83,720)
Amortisation of finance costs                     280         145         331
Operating profit before working capital        15,455      11,192      34,165

Decrease/(increase) in trade and other          1,981       (316)     (4,930)
(Decrease)/increase in trade and other        (6,001)     (2,907)      23,968
                                              (4,020)     (3,223)      19,038

Net cash inflow from operating activities      11,435       7,969      53,203

Cash flows from investing activities
Purchase of investment properties             (4,018)    (16,024)   (652,930)
Disposal of investment properties               7,035           -      25,756
Interest received                                 862         643       1,617
Net cash inflow/(outflow) from investing        3,879    (15,381)   (625,557)

Cash flows from financing activities
Equity raised                                       -           -     337,198
Proceeds from long term borrowings                  -           -     738,000
Repayment of long term borrowings             (1,196)           -   (424,550)
Issue costs of borrowing and equity                 -           -    (10,037)
Interest paid on loans                        (7,702)     (3,981)    (12,549)
Dividend paid                                (10,360)     (8,304)    (17,835)
Net cash (outflow)/inflow from financing     (19,258)    (12,285)     610,227

Net (decrease)/increase in cash and cash      (3,944)    (19,697)      37,873

Cash and cash equivalents at beginning of      37,873      32,696           -

Cash and cash equivalents at end of            33,929      12,999      37,873

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